What is the Rigt Gymnasium for Me?


First I want to explained the danish school system because it is a lot different from the American.

In Denmark you start in school when you are about 5-6 years old. You start in a class and that class you will spend the next 10 years with. The first school, and also the obligation school, is 10 years. The first Klassen is called kindergarten class and the last is called 9th.

After the first school you can choose to start at a gymnasium or take a 10th grade. The gymnasium is kind of a mix between high school and collage.

As you mig know i am On my last year in the Danish school. Because of that I am going to ablate to gymnasiums soon even then I am studding abroad next year.

I have visited 4 gymnasiums and it have ben a help for me.

It is a hard and important choice because I only can be accepted for one of the schools.

I look for a gymnasium with focus on learning and social life. It is important to me to get out of the gymnasium with good grades, but I also find it important that I have time to bee with my friends and time to gymnastics. But all that I hard to find in one place, so I have to make sacrifices.

Knus Kirsten


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