Basic Danish


I am going to teach you guys some of the most basic Danish words and sentences. I am going to tell you how to spell the words and what it means.  I am also going to teach you how to bend To be (at være) and to have (at have) at Danish.

If you want to know how to pronounce the words I would suggest that you go on Google translate and get it to say the word or sentence out loud.

The words:

    1. Hej= Hallo
    2. Forvel= Godby
    3. Tak= Thanks
    4. Så lidt= You welcome
    5. Godmorgen= Good morning
    6. Godnat= Goodnight
    7. Dreng= Boy
    8. Pige= Girl
    9. Mor= Mom
    10. Far= Dad
    11. Bror= Brother
    12. Søster= Sister
    13. Knus= Hug or hugs (knus is an uncountable verb)


The sentences:

  1. Jeg hedder…= My name is…
  2. Jeg er… år gammel= I am… years old
  3. Jeg bor i…= I live in…
  4. Jeg er fra…= I am from…
  5. Jeg har… søskende= I have… siblings
  6. Må jeg be om…?= Can I pleace have the…?
  7. Hvordan har du det?= How are you?
  8. Jeg har det godt/dårligt= I am good/not good (respond to number 7)


To be (at være):

  1. Jeg er (I am)
  2. Du er (you are)
  3. Han, hun, den er (he, she, it is)
  4. Vi er (we are)
  5. I er (you are)
  6. De er (they are)


To have (at have):

  1. Jeg har (I have)
  2. Du har (You have)
  3. Han, hun, den har (he, she, it has)
  4. Vi har (we have)
  5. I har (you have)
  6. De har (they have)


Knus Kirsten


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