London I am Coming soon


I have spring break in a week and a half.

It is going to be so fantastic to get a break from all the tests and examination talk. Don’t get me wrong. I really like going to school and learning new stuff while I am around the most of my friends. But I also love traveling with my family.

I am going to London at spring break vacation. It is going to be a trip with my family, my grandparent, and my Dad’s aunt.

I am really excited about it, and I am chute it is going to be an amazing trip.

I have been in London one time before. I think it was in 2010, so it is many years ago.

This is me and my sister in Hyde Park feeding squirrels last time we were in London

I am going to plan what we are going to see, which I am really glad about. I like planing finding out what interesting things there is to see as a tourist, but also what the citizens of London do, and where they goo, and as an example, shop or drink a cup of coffee.

If you have some suggestions about what to do or see in London feel free to text me.


Knus Kirsten


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