April Fools


I want to tells you about something we do in Scandinavia the 1st April. I don’t know if you do it in other countries. Maybe you know?

The first day in April (the 1st of April) we trick each other. It is called aprilsnar in Danish and if you translate it to English it is April fools.

It is all about tricking each other. Last year the news spread a timer about the metro building going wrong. That sad that one of the new metro stations would be at Amalienborg slotsplads (the place in front of the castle where the queen and the other royals live). Everyone believed it until the media sad that it was an April fool.

I also remember a year where there were rumors about the Easter would be transferred to May. And a year where everyone thought that the queen’s jewelry and art collection had been stolen.

This is my favorite April fool this year. Here is a clip from the polices facebook page that tells the news.


It says that the Danish people have more respect for red light than blue. Because of that, the police will have red emergency lights on their cars from now on.

Here is a link to some of the other April fools that have been good this year (the article is in Danish): http://nyheder.tv2.dk/samfund/2018-04-01-hvem-havde-aarets-bedste-aprilsnar-se-listen-og-stem

On the 1st of April are, the media, the politicians, and other institutions in a fight about who gets the Danish people to believe in the craziest thing.

I think that it is a fun tradition that we in Denmark have to keep.


Knus Kirsten


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