My Favorite Cake to Bake and Eat


First I want to tell you that the featured image is a picture of the table at my little sisters birthday. You can see some Danish flags and that is because we in Denmark use Dannebrog (as the flag is called) when we celebrate as an example birthdays.

I like to cook and bake delusions things. But what I like the most is to bake a cake to other people, because they become so happy when they see and eat the cake (if it is delicious).

My favorite cake to eat is a different cake than my favorite cake to bake. They both have in common that they are Danish specialties.


This is me and the first Kransekage I have baked


My favorite cake to bake is a special Danish cake called Kransekage. In Denmark, we eat Kransekage at new years eve. When it is 00:00 o’clock we drink champagne and eat Kransekage (or that is the tradition). I actually don’t like the Kransekage but is so much fun to bake it.


This is a picture of hindbærsnitter
This is some Hindbærsnitter


The cake I like the most (my favorite cake of all times) is a cake called Hindbærsnitter. A Hindbærsnitte is made of three layers and frosting. The top layer is frosting and different colors of granules. The second layer is a kind of a biscuit, but not a normal one (I can not explain it better. The third layer is raspberry jam, and the last layer is the biscuit similar thing. It tastes amazing.


Knus Kirsten


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