I am Going to Michigan!


I have big news.
As you might have figured out already this post is about my exchange year.

The big news is that I got a host family this Thursday.

I was in school, and we were preparing for our PE exam, when I saw a text from my dad where it was written, “Muskegon, Michigan! You have gotten a host family! Congratulations”.
I didn’t believe that it was true, so I looked at my mail, and there it was, a mail from YFU where it was written that I am going to spend my year abroad in Michigan.

I was so happy I just ran around in the gymnasium screaming that I had gotten a family. When I told my best friend the good news I started crying because I was so happy.

I called my mom, my grandparents and other people I wanted to tell them the good news.
Everyone was so happy for me (and still is).

I am going to live in a small town (with about 40.000 inhabitants) called Muskegon.
My host family consists of a mom, a dad, a sister (16 years old) and a sister more (19 years old). They live in a big house with 3 dogs and a pool.
I am going to be a student at the local high school called Oakridge high school. At the entire school, there are about 4.000 students but in the high school, there is only 500.

I have chatted a lot with my family already (and they are probably also reading this post).
They all seem so nice and I can’t even imagine a better family. So thank you for that.

Everything is so perfect I still can’t believe I am not dreaming.


Knus Kirsten


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